Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thought for the day- SCOTUS Case

Why in the HELL is the LBGT community fighting for more Government regulations in their lives?

Marriage is a Religious ceremony.

Why is Government regulating and blessing religious ceremonies in the first place? Why do we pay a tax and ask for permission to get married?  Don't the liberals believe we have a 'separation of church and state?' (I know we don't- that's not in our Constitution*.) 

Why is the LBGT community fighting for more Govt regulation of the relationship? Want survivorship rights- Write a will. Want Benefits? That's between you and your employer. Want to make medical decisions for your partner? Medical Power of Attorney. Want higher taxes and meddling busybodies in your life? Go to Government.

Government involvement has never made anything better in a situation like this.  The correct solution would be taking it to the Supreme Court saying that Govt blessing, taxing and regulating a church ceremony is unconstitutional.  Remove the regulations and tax burden associated with marriage.  Leave it to the private citizens to take control of their lives, get the Government out of the Church, and let the free market decide if companies offering benefits to "whatever" is a viable solution.

Default to freedom.  Less Government is always the answer.

*here is what we have:  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"  Marriage is the free exercise of religion.  Congress shall make no law.  So... piss off.  There is no reason for Government to be involved in this in any way.


  1. Amen brother. I read a similar blog post a while back that we have been conned into thinking that the government must take a stand one way or the other on any given issue instead of simply butting out.

    1. Why go to Govt for solutions? Name one thing that they have solved.