Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rednecking up a Reloading press

One of the reasons I've been bugging 45er to get back into rolling his own ammo is because I have been spending the last few weekends getting my workbench/ reloading bench up to snuff.  

I'm 90% of the way setting up the progressive press, but decided I should have a single stage press for doing low volume loading and rifle loads.  So, instead of buying a new press, I just rednecked up a mount for my old standby Lee Hand Press:

I'll test this out tomorrow and see how it works like this.


  1. Yeah, mine is still in a pile on the garage floor soaking in oil. I've been seriously looking at dies for the STW (even had 7 windows open with all the stuff I wanted to buy). Haven't done it yet. Not sure why. Probably because I know this will be another time vampire for me.

    1. I took little bit of time and deprimed and resized about 150 rounds of .454 Casull last night. The mount worked. Not the most ergonomic thing out there, but still easier than doing it unmounted (that's what she said).