Monday, March 25, 2013

Same story, just a different time

This weekend, I was driving That Kid to his first T-Ball practice.  I was driving a Prius (shut up, I'm not a hippie) when some Def Leppard came on the satellite radio.  That Kid was enjoying the music, and generally rocking out.
Yes, I leave the testicles at home when I drive this.

I had a flashback to when I was young.  Riding in the back of a mid-'70s Dodge van, going to Little League practice, with my mom playing the Doobie Brothers, or Jimmy Buffet on a state of the art 8-Track player.
Google image search for this brought some flashbacks.

The set pieces might change, but the story bears repeating.


  1. Awesome memories! Imagine my shock at 12 years old when I realized that "dorky" music ThatMom listened to was considered "cool" by the popular high school girls. I owe my appreciation of Jerry Jeff Walker, Johnny Cash and Jimmy Buffett to her... among other things.

    It's fun when life comes full circle!