Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This is getting ridiculous

Went to a couple of gunshops over lunch with MI2Tall, just to get out and shift the mind into neutral for a few minutes. 

The shelves are still bare.  The things that are left are priced like they don't want them to sell.  I understand that this is the market, and it is caused by demand.  But...

It has been FIVE MONTHS of this, people!  Are you stocked up yet?  Demand spiked after the election (bet you wish you had voted now!), then there was that tragedy in CT and the ensuing legislative shitstorm and threats of shitstorm that SKYROCKETED the demand to unprecedented levels.  Five months.  What the hell?  

People are stocking up on Remington Thunderbolt bulkpacks of .22LR.  Good plan.  Because you want to deal with constant jams and filthy guns when the Zombies/ UN/ Army of Evil comes. 
Lowest Common Denominator!
I understand stocking up.  Over the last few weeks I organized my inventory...
...but if you don't have your supply by now, just let up.   It's getting ridiculous

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  1. I've had a chance to buy things here and there, but didn't. Mostly because I don't need it. Especially at these prices. I guess people didn't prepare and now I can't get anything on a whim at the local stores because they're stocking up one box at a time at twice the price. Good plan. Try the stock market or Vegas with that strategy.