Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Leather Gear- El Paso Saddlery Crossdraw and Cartridge Slide

While strolling through the Fun Show  I was surprised to see one of my favorite holster companies, El Paso Saddlery, had a booth.  I stopped just to tell the guy there that I was a customer and I love their leatherwork.

Turns out that the guy at the booth was Robert Taylor, Director of Sales for El Paso Saddlery.  I struck up a nice conversation with him, and mentioned that I had been carrying in one of their rigs for years.

You can tell the age of the photo from the vintage cell phone
I also have a nice crossdraw rig for an S&W 686 with the cartridge belt...  I don't have a good pic of that whole rig, but here is a crop without all the identifying stuff
I use that rig when woods bumming out on the lease.  Carrying that with a full load of cartridges in the loops and the Marlin .357, I'll good for anything.   Why cross draw?  Because I usually have a rifle slung on the other side, and this keeps the wheelgun from banging into the long gun.

I mentioned to Robert that I just bought an SAA clone, and would love to get a holster for that.  Well, we talked for a bit, and he made me a great deal for the holster and a 12 round cartridge slide.

I walked out with a beautiful #44 Outfit crossdraw holster and slide that I was totally not planning on buying.  I am so happy with this purchase.  I had to do a picture for this post, but I was running out of light.  So this is adjusted a bit.

Damn straight.
The craftsmanship of this, and all of my EP Saddlery holsters, is just... perfect.  Beautiful leather, perfect stitching, and that leather SMELL.  If you need a holster, these guys should be on your list.  They have been making holsters since 1889, and they have it down pat.  For concealed carry, the Street Combat holster I have pictured above allows me to carry a freaking N-Frame Smith and Wesson under an untucked polo shirt.  It is a well thought out and useful bit of gear.  They cost money, but they are worth it.

 Oh, and over the weekend, I started the antiquing process on the Pietta SAA clone.  Spent about half an hour with a scotchbrite pad.  Here is the 'before' pic:

Dark, matte black.  Cheap, but not... nice
...and the 'in process' pic

Getting better!
I'll do a couple more treatments like that, and make it look old.

This pic just looked good, had to include it.


  1. How do you like the air lite .45 ACP revolver? I have a serious yen for a moon clip wheel gun, and I've been eyeing one of those for a while.

    1. Love it! Light and easy to carry, hits hard, and had lightning fast reloads due to the moonclips.

      The 325 was nearly perfect as they shipped it. A,, I had to do was replace the adjustable rear sight with the Cylinder and Slide fixed unit, and it was there.

    2. Well, poop. You just officially mashed my envy, jealously and covetousness buttons with a sledge hammer. Do you know how hard it is to find a 325pd for anything approaching even an unreasonable price? I've been looking for over a year, and I never seem to find one on sale until after it's sold. Timing is everything.

    3. You're not going to believe this. Just did a search again on a whim and found a 4" model 325pd listed for sale 12 hours ago. Already sent an email to the guy.

    4. Good luck! Hope you get it

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