Friday, April 12, 2013

Quick range report- Kahr CW9

Finally had the time and spare rounds to take That Wife's new carry gun to the range for a quick function test.  No surprises... well, no surprises from the gun.  I have my own Kahr (MK9), and knew what to expect.
with a nice High Noon holster
 I spared 100 rounds out of my stockpil... uh, INVENTORY, ran a target out to 7 yards, and ran it every way I could to see if it would fail.  Fast, slow, two handed, on hand, weak hand, limp wristed... it just ran like a top.  No stoppages of any kind.

 The test is not done.  Next will be the wife running it to make sure it works for HER.  Also, running it with whatever kind of hollow point ammo I can find.
 I did do a slowfire group at 7 yards, offhand.  It is an accurate pistol.  Threw the first 2 rounds low, but that could have been the nut behind the trigger.

And here is the one surprise-
That there is a Federal American Eagle 115 grain Full Metal Fuckup
It's either excited or cold.  Not sure which.