Monday, April 8, 2013


Damnit, I cannot find any of the powders I need for the reloading press in stock in the Austin area. 

All you ijuts that are panic buying and hoarding powder and ammo can go eat lead paint.

Saw this over at Wirecutter's place.  Made me LOL:


  1. I'm not hoarding, I'm replacing and rebuilding my stock.

    I realized how bad it was last month when I was down to a single 50 round box of .380 ACP.

    My personal belief is the scarcity is due to the folks that had a gun in the sock drawer or the back of the closest finally realizing that a single magazine or cylinder won't be enough.
    Look at the number of people getting carry permits, looking around for a place to shoot, etc.

    I think those "I'm not a gun owner; I just have a pistol in the house just in case" folks are really driving most of the sales. Like I said, my opinion.

    Yeah, there are some folks out there buying and hoarding huge numbers -- more are trying to resell what they scrounge up. The resellers are going to be the ones I really clean out when prices drop HUGE when things settle down.

    1. Yeah, there are some hoarders. But the ones that really make me angry are the guys buying crappy .22 bulk packs and reselling it at 5x the price online. Just crazy