Monday, April 29, 2013

Reflections on a great weekend

This was pretty close to a perfect weekend.  Only things that would have made it better was getting to go shoot, and finding any *%#%*ing gunpowder in stock at the gun show.

Saturday morning, That Wife and I took That Kid to his t-ball game, and he was the one that got the medal for doing a good job.  He was super ecstatic for finally getting the medal, so that was a high point for the weekend.  The weather was gorgeous, so That Wife and That Kid went to go lounge in the MIL's pool while I went to the Fun Show!
While there was no gunpowder to be found, and prices were wildly varying - One table had a WASR AK for $1100, and 5 tables over was another WASR for $650- but supply was getting better.  Every table had ammo.  Every table har ARs, AKs, and pretty much every other flavor of Evil Black Rifles.  Prices have not come back down all the way yet, but they are trending downward.

I picked up some minor stuff, a cheap light, a holster (I'll do a full review soon), and a little CRKT neck knife that I'd been wanting for a while:

I left the show, joined the family in the pool, and just enjoyed the rest of the day.

Sunday, we had a great morning outdoors with the family, then That Wife and I went to see Willie Nelson in concert at The Backyard for Willie's 80th birthday.  It was a great concert, Willie's son Lukas rocks, and the finale of the show had Randy Travis and David Allen Coe on stage with Willie and family. 

Look for a report on the new leather gear coning soon. 


  1. Fun show is this weekend in FTW - thinking of braving the crowds for it.

    Attendance at previous ones have been just slightly north of "population of a large town" and south of "more people than attending the state fair".

    Now if I could find a little more .22lr and 9 mil for the blogshoot........that would be great.

    1. They had extra parking open for this show. It was pretty busy.

      I have been shooting TWICE in 3 months because I cant find replacement ammo. This is nuts!

  2. How many neck knives does that make? I need to make it to a show. Prices and availability have kept me away from shopping for a while.

    1. How many? Uh.. one less than I need. That's always the answer!