Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Central Texas CHL Holder assists police and stops suspect from entering a Middle School


"After witnessing a man become violent and evade Kerrville Police, Kerrville businessman Ronnie Bock was not going to take a chance on the suspect being able to enter Hal Peterson Middle School.
"He was running and screaming and heading toward the middle school," Bock said. "I didn't really think of anything else except I was not going to let him get into that school. He wasn't going to get near those children."
Bock, whose business is located directly across the street from HPMS, ran across the street with his licensed handgun and ordered the suspect to stop and get down on the ground.
The suspect complied and KPD officers took him into custody."

This is how school security should work.   Normal, everyday citizens and vigilance. 


  1. Awesome story! Kudos to the Community Journal for publishing a positive gun story!