Thursday, April 18, 2013

This is why I like the Makarov

Well, ONE of the reasons.

The Mak has a lot of strikes against it.  Tiny sights, DA/SA trigger, a Decocker, grip angle is like the horrid Gen 1 S&W Autos, a heel-clip magazine release, and it fires a somewhat anemic cartridge.

But here is what it has- Reliability.  Affordability.  It's easy to work on, and available.  I have recommended Makarovs for years as a good choice for a low budget defensive automatic.  Are there better choices?  Sure.  Is it better than most at it's pricepoint?  Yes.  As a matter of fact, I find it is probably the best at it's price. 

If someone is on a Hi-Point budget, send them to a Makarov.   Looking at a Bersa- suggest this as an option.  Cheaper, and 9mmMak ammo is a LOT more available than .380 right now.  If they are looking at a Taurus of any stripe- DEFINITELY send them toward the Mak. 

I watched that video today and thought I'd share.  Good stuff.


  1. Thanks. I have a gal friend, big skeet and trap shooter, totally new to pistols looking at a Bersa (she's about 4 foot 10 and 90 pounds and wanted something smaller). I'm not a huge fan of .380. I'll have her look at this.

    1. Probably the biggest drawback is the heel clip mag release. If you can train past that, it is a good, affordable, reliable choice.

  2. Hey Now....I resent that Taurus comment :)

    Understand it is your opinion; just like my opinion is that Taurus makes a decent gun at the price point.

    My experience has been nothing but good with my PT-145; the only problems noted with it are user issues -- Limp wristing by a couple of shooters.

    I am a fan of mil-surp guns or older guns as entry point firearms so I agree with that idea.

    1. I used to be right there with you, Bob. I have owned a good amount of Tauri over my shooting life. It never ended well: