Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Music for the Zompocalypse

Random Nuclear Strikes has started a cool meme bringing together music and the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse (Zompocalypse).

"You’re about to get eaten by the zombie hordes. You’ve prepared, but there are more than you every possibly imagined. Sorry.
As you load your last mag into your chosen weapon, what song comes up your MP3 player/IPOD?"
Tam's answer
Uncle has good taste as well
NJT's answer 
The Miller's selection

Humor answer:  Smokey Robinson's 'Tears of a Clown.'  I effing HATE that song, and it would drive me into a rage when the last magazine was run dry, I would take the ZedWhacker and clear the hoard by myself.
Yep. That'll do.

Real Answer: Five Finger Death Punch's "Bulletproof"
Yeah.  That song rocks.


  1. Originally, I went with Cash, "God's Gonna Cut You Down". I think as the mag ran out and it went to melee I'd want Disturbed, "Inside the Fire".

  2. Easy one for me. Nine Inch Nails "Survivalism"

    Perfect for your next dinner party, Orwellian nightmare or Zomieclypse.


  3. Tears of a Clown, eh? You should have never made that information public.