Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gun Terms that Sound Dirty

45er and I were going back and forth on this via email yesterday.  Thought it would make a funny post- feel free to add anything we have missed in the comments.

Cock on Opening
Running Wet (suppressors)
Snaking the bore
Fouling shot
Butt Trap
Short stroke
 Bent Op Rod
Pump Action
Lapping the Bore
Flash Gap.
Butt Stroke.
Squeeze Cocker
Nipple wrench
Ram Rod (Say TEAM RAM ROD!!)
Ball Starter
Ball Puller
Ball mold - sounds like a medical problem.
Plug Grease
Nipple Grease
Beaver Felt Wad


  1. My favorite is "snaking the bore". That has to win.

    But, how about...

    Full Length Guide Rod
    Peep Sight
    FN (say it fast, say it loud)