Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Further Evidence.

It is a standard movie fodder that man's own meddling or hubris eventually brings on our own downfall.  Be it Ash playing the recording in Evil Dead 2, the parents burning Freddie in Nightmare on Elm Street, humans birthing AI in The Matrix, or Cyberdine Systems building Skynet- We have become conditioned to believe that our own actions will create a menace that will destroy us all.
Just sayin....
Over the past year or so, I have seen a few news stories that are interesting.

First, researchers decide to open up a tunnel under the city of Teotihuacan(translates to 'the place men go to become gods').  This tunnel was purposely closed in AD 200, and was part of the Temple of Quetzacoatl (the Winged Serpent God).  The Researchers send in a robot that shows a tunnel stable enough to enter... Now I'm sure you see where this is going.
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Then some Scientists decide to start reviving DNA from water trapped inside ancient salt crystals:

A while after, the skull of someone that was hanged, then decapitated 2500 years ago in England was discovered to still have an intact brain inside. 

"When it was found, the skull — which belonged to a man probably between 26 and 45 years old — was accompanied by a jaw and two neck vertebrae, bearing evidence of hanging and then decapitation. Cut marks on the inside of the neck indicate that the head was severed while there was still flesh on the bones, O'Connor said. There is, however, no indication of why he was hanged, and the rest of his remains have yet to be found."
Of course, it's obvious that the body is probably still stalking the living across the mist shrouded moors...

Now, today, New Jovian Thunderbolt has a story of more researchers digging up Zombies in Ireland.

Combine all this with both the CDC and the Navy working on Zombie Preparedness...  Well, it's pretty obvious that the Zompocalypse is coming.

And all I have to say is "Fools!  They have destroyed us all!"


  1. Humans gotta tinker. What ya gonna do?

  2. Posts like this are why I love this blog!

    Thank you for standing guard on the watchtower and being the first to warn us of the coming apocalypse.

    I'm converting all the drought-deadened trees in my yard into sharpened stakes and stockpiling flammable liquids in preparedness.