Monday, September 12, 2011


Yesterday morning, I spent the 10 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01 helping a friend set up, then participating in a 9/11 Memorial walk

I watched the kiddo in the afternoon while the Wife went to go meet a new member of the extended family at the hospital where he was born- luckily on 9/10/11.  While we had some time, I took the kiddo to a gun store where he geeked out on fishing poles.  I picked up some scope rings.  We then went home and he helped me scope up my CETME.  It was a pretty laid back day. 

I have not forgotten the horrors that were visited on my country 10 years ago.  As the attacks happened, I was sitting in an office watching in stunned disbelief as the world changed before my eyes.  Ten years and one day later, I sit in a different office, doing a similar job, with the exact same customers.  I have gotten married, became a father, bought two houses, and countless other milestones since then.  But there is still this pain inside of what was done to our country, and what we have lost because of those attacks and the subsequent war.

One thing I have always believed  is that we were at war well before 9/11/01.  Most of us just did not know it.   Our own government has done more damage to us and our freedoms than our terrorist enemies ever could.  I think about that every time I opt out of a Porn-O-Scan at the airport, every time I have to leave my pocket knife behind because there is a metal detector somewhere. 

I miss the way things used to be.  I am sad that my son will never know the America I grew up in. 

Never forget what was done to us.  Not just by terrorists, but also by our own 'leaders'. 
Always remember the heroes that gave their lives in the attacks, and also in the subsequent military retribution.
Remember the America that used to be, and lets all fight to bring it back.


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  2. More important than anything, bringing back what we had, but not the mindset. I'm afraid we're getting the worst of both worlds. We've allowed the encroachment into our freedom, but people have still fallen back into the old mindset.