Thursday, August 30, 2012

Need input from the Firearms Enthusiasts

After all the fun I had building an AK Pistol in my garage, I have decided to get myself an AR pistol.  No real reason other than the AK is fun... lets see what the AR is like.

There are a couple of deals out there for complete pistols, but I have a line on some inexpensive Del-Ton stripped lowers.  I am considering building it myself.  Stripped lower, Pistol Lower Parts Kit, and then a 7.5 or 10" barreled upper. 

Input?  Anyone build one before that can steer me in the right direction for parts or good deals?


  1. M1 Sales has AR pistol parts. You might check with Rock River and Spike's Tactical as well.

  2. No, but I'm interested in seeing the project. I'd like to just find a freaking .308 AR right now but I've also been thinking of getting a stripped lower and working on that.