Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rounding out the AK collection

Or, at least, I'm TRYING to round out the AK collection.

A while ago, I got the bug to get one of the Goofy AK "Draco" Pistols.  Not for any good reason.  Just wanted something to go with the WASR and the Saiga 12, the bonus was that it was louder than hell and with a massive muzzle flash.  Kind of like firing a black powder cannon but with a 30 round magazine and a sling.
Doesn't that just look like a good time?
Back in January, I saw both the Draco and the Mini Draco for sale everywhere for $350-$400.  So, I started looking around and...

Holy sticker shock, Batman!

I seriously saw a Mini Draco on Gunbroker today for well over $1000.  There was one at the gunshow last weekend for $1395.00 


Supposedly, Century is getting another shipment of the Dracos in a few weeks.  I guess people are gouging while the gouging is good.  Limited supply coupled with the Pre-Election Obama Panic (PEOP)tm  is causing this stupidity. 

Rest assured, I am not going to pay that for a goofy gun.


  1. Eeeeesh! That's worse than gas prices.

  2. Yeah, that whole supply and demand thing just keeps slapping me around.