Monday, December 5, 2011

USPS- Dumb decisions made in record time!

The big news story today is that the United States Postal Service- a grand old tax vampire with a storied history of blunders and idiocy- has decided to cut service and employees in an attempt to stay solvent.

So, here seems to be the thought process:
"We are getting our asses handed to us by a cheap and instantaneous service (email, text, etc...) for interpersonal communication, while getting completely dominated in the package delivery arena by inexpensive, fast and reliable service providers (FedEx,UPS, etc..).  What we need to do is make our service SLOWER and LESS RELIABLE!!!"

Seriously.  This is the line of thought of Government Service.  When getting completely destroyed in the open market by services faster, cheaper, and more reliable- make your service slower and less reliable while keeping prices the same.

Remember this when someone starts talking about Government controlled healthcare.  It will be slower, less reliable, and have that award winning customer service attitude that comes from not having your pay tied to performance.

I need a drink.


  1. So completely true. They sure can make a quick decision badly, but can't quickly do what they were commissioned to do in the first place.

  2. I know this is an old posting, but in the interest of factual data, you might want to do some research, the USPS has not relied on or received any tax dollars since the 1980's. I guess you didn't even read the Fox article that you posted a link to. If you had you would have read the following:

    "The Postal Service, an independent agency of government, does not receive tax money"

    Way to perpetuate the stereotype that people would rather repeat partisan BS than actually do some research and learn the facts.