Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Booger Hook/ Bang Switch, Christmas Edition

Sumdood gets a Glock under the tree. Sumdood is surprised that the gun functions correctly and fires when the trigger is pulled.  Sumdood's uncle now has an extra hole in his leg.

H/T to The Gun Wire


  1. Sumdood at it again is he...some people, you give the books and they just eat the covers...

  2. "When asked about the incident, police officials said the weapon had features designed to prevent such accidents, but the weapon was not handled correctly to ensure its safety."

    Not handled correctly. As in pointing it at your uncle and pulling the trigger. That kind of "improper handling". That's quite the understatement, Mr. Fife.

  3. It was handled correctly... if your intent was to fire a round.

    Stephen, I like that saying. I think I'll use it