Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pan Seared Venison Tenderloin Bruschetta

Been a while since have done a food post.  I apologize up front for the low quality pics- very low light in the kitchen when I was cooking.

Last night I thawed out some venison tenderloin and some Jalapeno/ Cheese sausage for a hunting season Tapas menu.

Started with the 'salad'- a mix of cherry tomatoes, Cippolini onions, minced garlic, and diced jalapeno.  Mixed in with some salt, pepper, olive oil, and seasoned rice vinegar.  No measurements were taken since I just kinda whipped this up on the fly.

Once the salad was marinading, I seasoned up the tenderloins and got the pan hot with a bit of olive oil.
The seasoning for the tenderloins was salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder

Then in the pan to crust up the meat.  Rolled them a few times to get an even sear.

...then out of the pan to rest

While the tenderloin rested I cut and toasted a baguette.  I sliced the tenderloin thin and then did a quick sear on the slices to finish the meat and develop some more flavor.

Assembly was simple.  Toast, tenderloin, and a small pile of the salad on top.  This was just outstanding.  Very tasty use of the best morsels of meat off of the deer.  Now, I just need to go get a few more deer so I can make this more often.

I think the technical tern is 'nummy'
Since I cooked the sausage, and had a good amount of the salad left, I baked off some won ton wrappers as cup (oil them and put in a muffin tin and cook till 'done'), put a slice of the Jalapeno/ cheese sausage in the bottom and a spoonful of the salad on top.

This seemed like a really good idea, till it was done.  The won ton wrappers came out way to crunchy, and  overpowered all the textures of the rest of the dish.  Next time, it will be pastry cups or phylo dough.
By this point I was a few beers in, and getting tired.  So instead of making one or two more tapas, we gave up and watched the movie.


  1. Experimenting is half the fun!

  2. yes it is. I have done the wonton cups before, and always filled them with things like ground beef and black beans, and they worked great. for slices of sausage- not so much.