Monday, November 7, 2011

Opening weekend After Action Report

No deer in the freezer.... well, no NEW deer in the freezer.  There are still the remnants of a few of the ones from last year.  Which is one of the reasons I am being picky this year.

You probably noticed a few deer in the pic I posted Saturday morning.  We (45er, my brother, and 45er's dad) are being picky this year when deciding which deer to take.  We are over-run with bucks again this year, so we are trying to shoot the undesirable bucks, and a doe or two.  We are planning the 'hit list' off of reliable intel off of the game cameras that we have set up on multiple feeders.  We have even gotten to the point of naming the deer (best name: Perv.  But there are other ones like Crabclaw, Unicorn, Horseface, etc...) so we can plan the ones to cull to make our herd better and stronger.  Whitetail Eugenics, I guess.

So, as it is, I let everything live.  I don't NEED the meat right now, and since the only one on the hit list that came into my feeder (3 point buck that we call Crabclaw), got spooked by the feeder and went plaid before he gave me a shot... So I came home with just memories of a fun time spent in the woods with good friends.

EDIT- Ok, there was ONE kill I made.  Right as we were about to call it, and leave on Sunday.  A Squirrel decided it was going to climb the feeder leg and screw with my feeder.  Since the squirrels and raccoons have been really messing with the feeders this year, that was when he signed his own death warrant.  A 150Gr Remington Core-Locked in a .308 will do a number to a squirrel.  FYI.

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