Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I keep hearing people on "teh intarwebz" saying that the Zombie meme has jumped the shark.  That it was only cool to shoot zombie targets back when no one else was doing it.

Unpopular is sooooo cool.
Sigh.  I thought everyone understood why zombies were a good training tool.  It is a very politically correct thing to target.  A humanoid target that is already dead, so you aren't being cruel.  It has no race, nationality, or creed associated (Anyone remember when the TxDPS had to change from black silhouette targets to blue?).  You are able to train on drawing, transitioning between carbine and handgun, with multiple small targets, while shooting on the move.

You can do this while having the appearance of just having fun.  You are just a goofy horror movie fan living out a Walter Mitty-esqe fantasy.

Because it would really freak people out if you were training to hit Blue Helmets.


  1. Well, seeing as how we've been doing it for well over 10 years, I don't think we're going to stop just because everyone finally caught up with the fun. That, and it's really interesting how easy it is to make hits to the target body when you've been training so much making hits on a itty bitty zombie brain while on the move.

  2. I think Barbara Mandrel sang a song about this:
    "I was Zombie, When Zombie wasn't cool...."