Thursday, May 2, 2013

For Wirecutter- Fire Glass

Wirecutter posted a pic on his blog of a "Fireglass" pit.  It closed with the great line "That **** looks like sorcery"

Totally agreed.  That's why I built one in my back yard using some spare rock (there is a lot of it lying around Texas), and old copper firebowl, a turkey fryer burner that was 'spare', and some fireglass that I sourced locally.

I first saw one of these while on a work trip to Palm Springs where they had a couple of these that people were getting drunk around at the bar:

Fire, superheated glass chunks, and drunk people- what could possibly go wrong?

When I had the parts in place, I was able to build this in something close to 45 minutes:

I'll be building another one soon.  I have more glass left over.


  1. I love fire and glass together!! That's why I work with molten glass in my spare time! I must see if ThatBrotherInLaw can make one of these for me!! That's a big bowl of awesomeness!

    1. It is pretty easy to build. The hardest part was getting the tempered glass.

  2. What is used for fuel? Butane or propane?