Monday, January 28, 2013

The sudden benefits of 'non-standard' chamberings

My brother pointed this out to me last night as we talked about guns. He just returned from a multi state car trip where he was (as a side benefit) stopping at random gunstores in the middle of nowhere and picking up ammo. He pointed out that if he had a lot of 'non-standard' calibers, he could still feed his guns.

9mm Para, 22LR, .357Mag, 223/5.56, 308, 45ACP, .30-06 were all gone. Things like 10mm, 9mmMak, 7.62x25, .243Win, .454Casull, 7mm-08, etc.. were instock and plentiful.

We always assumed that having guns in 'standard' chamberings meant we would be able to get ammo anywhere, any time. How many times have we heard, and said, that it is a better choice to get a standard caliber so you can get ammo in any gun store or gas station on the planet? Now, you probably have a better chance of finding 7.62Nagant on the shelves before you find 9mmPara.

I think it might be a good time to look at the used market, and buy a gun in a non-standard caliber that someone is panic selling to buy an AR-15 at 3x it's regular cost


  1. That is a very good point. I guess it was all good in theory, but the obvious test of that theory has more or less fallen flat. I guess I'm glad I have a few funky calibers that I can still feed when I want.

    1. Exactly right. In most of the stores, 9mm is GONE... but .40S&W is available. Kinda makes sense to have a 'diversified' collection for the moment.

  2. could simply stock up when it's available. That'd probably be much cheaper over the long run than necessitating new weapons and generally more expensive ammo in some oddball caliber.

  3. Well, it is our duty to have a supply on hand- but what if I just want to go to the range and shoot today, you know... because it's fun and my hobby. Should I burn up some of my supply of hard to find and almost irreplaceable 9mm right now? Or maybe pull out the CZ-52 and shoot some readily available 7.62x25?

    Right now, and when the next panic hits (the last one was only 3 months ago), it makes sense to have a couple of odd-ball guns in the collection