Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Last weekend- it was the last weekend of Buck Season

Went out hunting at the lease in the hill country

My brother and I went out to see if we could take out some more of the really crappy bucks that we have out there.  I'll get some pics from the game cameras up soon, but there are some seriously messed up genetics on this patch of land.  Just some goofy racks.

So, I obviously took the DPMS AR-10, and my brother took his.   I also had finally had 10 spare minutes to get to the range and sight in the newly scoped Ruger SRH in .454 Casull
And got some decent results
'bout an inch and a half at 75 yards?  That'll do.

Only thing missing?  Deer.

So, out we went, to pactice some Odocoileus virginianus eugenics!  While hunting, it got really cold.  Well, really cold for central Texas- which is what y'all in the north call 'long-sleeve-shirt weather'.  Down to 27 degrees on Sunday morning.  My brother got a doe and one of the old, spike bucks...

I however...

Just got really cold.

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