Monday, December 3, 2012

Things that need to be said.

1) To you people who have some sort of inflatable yard decoration out from Mid-September through Mid January:  When your so-called 'decoration' is turned off, it looks like a giant has thrown a used condom on your front yard. 

2) I can't believe this needs to be said.  NO TALKING IN THE MEN'S ROOM!  This is a long standing and time honored rule.  If you are talking to someone and you walk into the men's room, pause the conversation until you leave. 


  1. Agreed.
    I understand gay men talk there(?)
    I just want to do what is necessary and leave.
    Not exactly the ambiance for conversation.


  2. ...and please follow the etiquette of not standing next to someone at the urinal if there are ANY other ones available.