Friday, December 28, 2012

Lost another quiet hero

Houston McCoy, police officer who shot UT Tower sniper, dies

 A man, a public servant, and quiet hero.  This man ran toward the sound of the guns, stepped out into the killing zone of a deranged mass murder, and ended a rampage with a 12 Ga. shotgun.

 THESE are the men we need to remember and honor.  Not some entertainment monkey,  not some blowhard that convinced the gullible to vote for them , but a true hero.  Someone that had the steel taste of fear in his mouth, yet went forward into danger, and did the hard things that saved lives.

 Rest in peace, Officer McCoy.   You have earned it.


Oh, and here is a double middle-finger salute to the Un-American Spaceman.  A hero requested that the name of the shooter be omitted from his final story.  So, they put the shooter's name in the headline.  You guys are a bunch of assholes.  Honor his courage, sacrifice, and his last wish, you jerks.

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