Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mike Rowe is cool

Go read his open letter to Mitt Romney.  It is a great read, and one that every parent needs to read.

This country is short of people who would take up a wrench and do a job that needs to be done.  If we want to recover as a world powerhouse, we need people to keep the power running. 


  1. That is pretty darn cool. From someone that has (and I know you have, too) worked many jobs that require long hours, rough hands and no fear of filth I have to say I think he's right. Too many people either think they are above those jobs or look down on those that do them or both. It's ridiculous.

  2. I just read on Twitchy that Romney has read Mike Rowe's letter and the campaign has been in contact with him!

    Gotta say, Mike Rowe is one of the hottest men on television.

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