Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I admire the attempt at the upsell, but you picked the wrong guy.

I had to go into Brookstone the other day to pick up a gift. When I was checking out, the sales girl points to a display of overpriced, low power, LED flashlights and asks:
"Anything else? How about a great flashlight?"
Me (brief pause): "I'm good on flashlights right now."
Her: "You can never have too many. What if a hurricane hit right now?"
It took a lot of restraint not to say 'Ma'am, I have with me- right now- 3 flashlights, two knives, one handgun and spare ammunition. I also have dental floss and a magnifying glass. I am good to go for a surprise fucking hurricane.'
Instead I said "I have a good flashlight in my pocket. Thanks for the thought, though."

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  1. And mine would actually survive that hurricane. Just saying.