Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All the bad things about gunshops

So, I am in the big gunshop in my town, and I have had all the things I hate about gunstore employees happen in less than 10 minutes

I had the chance to finally handle a Rhino revolver, and also the new Ruger gunsite Scout. The sales guy treated me like an idiot and assumed I knew nothing about guns. And he talked down about a product he is selling. Moron.

And then I overheard another employee selling a pump shotgun tell the guy buying it that the racking sound will make burglars flee and turn their life over to Christ, or some such drivel. At least he talked the guy out of a pistol grip 12ga for a wife that never fired a gun.

This is why I like small shops


  1. This attitude has always baffled me. I know many gun nuts and they are all really good guys, know their stuff, and are respectful toward others' firearm purchasing decisions. It's funny that what they are actually saying is "We're dumb enough to carry what we consider to be a piece of junk" or "we care so little about our customers that we sell crap". Either way it doesn't speak well of the sales staff.

  2. Exactly. And I really did not want to just blow up and the guy and tell him that I HAVE other guns. I want these because they are cool and unusual. I have conventional hunting rifles, and I have regular revolvers and defense handguns.

    Don't tell me that the Rhino is ugly and bulky. I KNOW that. I have eyes. But that is one of the reasons I want it!

  3. A good small shop is VERY good, but a bad small shop is horrid. The ones near me tend to be places for the friends of the owner to congregate and talk shop. Paying customers have to wait until the discussions about all the world's troubles have ended before we can pay for our items. I have walked out of small shops, leaving the item I was about to buy sitting on the counter, because the owner couldn't stop shooting the breeze with his friends long enough to help me.