Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gun stuff

I have been seriously lacking in the gun stuff on the blog as of late.  Why?  Well, ammo is expensive, time is short, and I am busy as hell with the day job.

I need to get to the range.  I cant afford it right now.  I REALLY want to fire a big boomer, and if I can load up some .454 ammo, MAYBE I'll sneak to the range in the next few days.

You want a BOOM?  You can't handle the BOOM!

Anywho... so here is some cool stuff about guns that was on the blogs this morning:

Grant Cunningham linked to Forgotten Weapons (a site that trips my oddball gun trigger) about another Automatic revolver that is just freaking cool:

 The Firearms Blog linked to another cool 'hidden safe':
Crown Royal?  A Glock?  Pfft... how positively 1992.

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