Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting ready for another hunt

Last weekend was the 'shakedown cruise' of not just the fully electrified blind, but also my DPMS AR-10 copy as a hunting rifle.

The solar power in the blind- this rocks.  Flip of a switch, and I have light to get everything in place.  Flip it again, all is dark.  Also, keeping the phone charged is a totally cool benefit. 

Missed a shot at a deer we call 'Halo' last week because some brush had grown over the shooting lane.  Used the Gerber camp hatchet (Which I used to think was worthless, and is now becoming a great tool) to make sure that won't be a problem again.

BTW, here are two pics of 'Halo' from last year.  He is bigger in the body this year, and the spread on the horns seems even wider.  We call him 'Halo' because the horns almost touch in the front and make a halo over his head.

As to the new hunting rifle- The AR platform is not really the best rifle for a hunting blind.  Normally, the rifle is resting on the sandbags and pointing in a general 'downrange' area.  Well, with the AR platform- the magazine is in the way.  It won't sit like that.  So, I either need to keep the gun in my lap and bring it to bear if a deer comes in, or lay it on it's side on the sandbags and rearrange the rifle when a shot is needed.  Both options are slow and the movement could spook the deer.  So, I MAY switch back to a bolt gun or single shot for hunting from a blind... after I take at least one with the AR-10.  Or I'll come up with some way to have the rifle 'ready'.  Like a rear monopod or something.
Also, the standard hunting type sling sucks on this gun.  I'm switching it to a more tactical style ASAP.  It's also heavier than I would want for a stalking gun, and the collapsible stock has a rattle that would need to go.
For pigs and still hunting OUT of the blind- This is still the gun I want with me. 

Anyway- Looking forward to a hunt this weekend.  This time I'll make sure to leave the cooler at home to ensure I get a deer.


  1. Lots of culls to take. They just need to come in.

    1. Much less moonlight, but warmer this weekend. Might have some luck