Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Not much for posting- Update on sick relative

On Sunday, I got back from my annual trip with friends to a ranch in North Texas where we shoot, fish, eat great food and drink great beers.  I just don't feel like talking about all the cool stuff we did, the great beer, and the awesome shooting, and here is why:

Upon my return, I got bad news that my family member that has been sick had taken a major turn for the worse.  The doctors are saying in the next few days his lungs will be so damaged that the respirator will no longer be able to support him.

Pardon my language, but this fucking sucks.  I want to punch the living shit out of something... goddamnit, I wanted my son to grow up with his grandfather around.

Continued prayers for recovery are appreciated.

UPDATE:  After a valiant struggle, my father-in-law passed away around noon on Tuesday.  Thank you everyone for your support and prayers.