Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crappy Holster = Dangerous

Everyone on the GunBlogosphere has heard about, read, or commented on this story:

Woman killed after off-duty Detroit officer's gun goes off

There is one line in that story that everyone that carries needs to read and take to heart:
Police say this 16 year veteran officer had the Smith and Wesson M&P .40 caliber handgun in a soft neoprene holster.  It was on his waist when it somehow accidentally fired.

"It is possible still for the trigger to be manipulated with that type of holster," said Godbee.

Carry Rules:
  1.  Don't use a $10 "one-size-fits-none" nylon or neoprene holster.  
  2.  Use a quality, purpose built belt.    
  3.  Leave the gun in the holster and don't touch it unless it is an emergency
  4.  Carry a quality gun.

 Follow these rules, and concealed carry will be more comfortable, more concealed, and SAFER.


  1. Honestly, this story stinks to high heaven.

    So her chest is parallel to his and roughly the same height.

    She is shot through the lung and heart.

    How can you possibly get a round from a holstered weapon through her chest?

    Tis much more to this story I suspect.

    1. They are leaving something out of the story, to be sure. There are lots of ways that the geometry could line up if things were getting 'freaky' at the party.