Monday, March 5, 2012

Smoked pizza and extraordinary wine

I swear, I'll get some gun content on here sometime soon. It's getting so that everything is food related.

Yesterday was a special occasion, so we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather and cooked
some incredible pizza. We fired up the wood fired pizza oven

So... we meet again.

We cooked up some more of That Wife's favorite- Pizza de Parma, made a couple of standards, and That Kid actually displayed some killer pizzamaking skills.  He is three years old, and already can lay down sauce, put on pepperoni, and sprinkle cheese better than most of the people I worked with a Little Ceasar's when I was 16 years old.

The Father in Law had me make up an Italian sausage, black olive, and mozzarella pie.  At this point, we had loaded a smoker box into the oven.  Smoking pizza is something we have experimented with a little.  This one did not get much smoke, just a light perfume.  We corked a wine that we had been cellaring for a while, and it is amazing how well a 2007 Cab pairs with home made pizza.

I made up the next pizza with tomato sauce, a few left over slices of the Italian sausage, a full layer of prosciutto, black olives, and a whole bunch of fresh mozzarella.  By now, the smoke was really rolling in the oven.
in the back by the convection fan is the smoke box.
You can see how much smoke the cheese took in.
Wow.  this was amazing.  The mozzarella took in a huge amount of smoke, but the salty prosciutto cut right through and make it just wonderful.   The remainder of the wine went so beautifully with this it was hard to describe.  

Smoke is one of my favorite seasonings, and this was a perfect showcase for it.  I just wish I had some for lunch.

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