Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tactical Crock Pot (getting ready for a chili cook-off)

I'm about to head to a small charity Chili Cook-Off at a local church.  My brother and I needed the wife's crock pot for holding the chili after it comes out of the pressure cooker.

But the handle on the crock-pot lid was broken.  What to do... what to do...

Put a picatinny rail on it and a scope.  Of course!

Just some tactical operators cooking in tactical environments... or some such stuff.

I was laughing so hard while doing this.

UPDATE: We won first prize!


  1. That's great, love it. Made chili today...

  2. Stephen, today was a great chili day. Summer is almost here in central TX, so we have to make use of the days we get.

    45er- Well, I would want to use something better than an NCStar scope if I was going to get something patented.

  3. That's pretty much the best use for an NCStar scope that I've seen.

  4. Resourcefulness! It's a trademark quality in our family. Well done!!

    Congrats to the blue-ribbon winners!!

  5. Meh. Not Flat Dark Earth or Coyote Brown.


  6. Damnit! I have Alumahyde in Flat dark Earth...

    Maybe that will be a future upgrade.

  7. To continue the theme of tactical cookery, you could drink your beverage out of this mug!

  8. Operators operating operationally!

  9. Erin- I want one of those, but would rather spend $300 on a decent scope to replace that NCStar ;)

    Bob- needs more rails, too.

    Anon- Exactly!

    Minuteman- Thank you. We were looking for the mossberg pistol grip I have somewhere when I came across that scope setup. Much better, I think.