Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finally got to the range!

Finally had a couple of spare hours, and decided to take the new Saiga to the range.

I had to shoot indoors due to:
a) the rain
b) it is an hour drive to the nearest outdoor range

So, since it's indoor, and the targets get close at long range... they don't let shotguns shoot anything other than slugs. Since I needed to function test and make sure it worked at all, I had to run a sizable amount of slugs through it.


Fifteen Rounds of slugs. I decided I would make sure the AR still hit where I wanted it to after installing the Noveske Fire Breathing Pig flash hider.
It did. Yes, this thing looks hideous, but it works. Even with the normally HUGE fireball from Wolf steel case ammo, there was NO noticeable flash from the Pig.

So I turn my attention to the task at hand:

You ever get that feeling, "This is going to hurt..."?

I was expecting to have a MASSIVE flinch in short order.

So I pump off the first 5 rounds with the target at 25 yards

Hey, that was not too bad! Then I look at the target. No hits.

I fire the next mag aiming high on the target, and get a hit near the bottom of the target. I get two hits to the left bottom, touching. I walk two more hits aiming way off the paper.

So I crank on the adjustable bead.... the wrong way, and the damn thing comes off. I am sitting there in the booth and trying to reassemble the damn thing. It needs 3 hands to do so. So I finally get it back together (with the adjusting wheel upside down to disable the click stops), crank it all the way down, and fire a mag aiming at the center of the target and get 4 hits nicely clustered about a foot low

After screwing with the sight like that and seeing how cheesy it is... This thing is getting a Red Dot.

Well, it works. Not one failure. Now comes the conversion!


  1. Rich LittlejohnMay 3, 2011 at 3:20 PM

    Damn, that is QUITE a drop. So what's the plan for the conversion? Full auto? SBR? Both?

  2. First step is doing the 922r conversion so That I can have larger magazines (legally) and a pistol grip, then maybe an SBS conversion in the future.