Friday, December 6, 2013

Frozen Friday random internet stuff

It's cold (well, central TX cold... barely freezing), so most things have shut down.  There was a report of ice on a bridge somewhere within MOAB blast range, so the city has shut down.  The stores are out of firelogs, Menthol Tobacco flavored vodka, milk and Lone Star beer.  Reports of cannibalism in the remote parts of West Campus have been coming over the wires.

In compliance with the FEMA warlords that have taken over my sector of the city, I am hunkering down in my encampment with a makeshift spear made from a broom handle and a MacBook Pro motherboard.

In the interim, here is some random stuff from the Internet:

Star Wars Bohemian Rhapsody:
Scary Computer News (H/T Borepatch):
Computer scientists have brewed up prototype malware that's capable of communicating across air gaps using inaudible sounds.
The mesh network capable of covertly communicating without wireless or wired connections was developed by Michael Hanspach and Michael Goetz. It borrows its founding principles from established systems for robust underwater communication.
Now my computer is talking about me behind my back.  Great.

Wikipedia details of Moonshine by county
Interestingly, the Armenian moonshine is a phonetic spelling of the sound you make the morning after drinking it: aragh


  1. Sure, it's a nice spear, but it can't run most common everyday stabbing apps.

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  3. Pointy End Forwad, Rubber Side Down (or maybe that just applied to the Sherpa)