Monday, November 11, 2013

Hunting AAR

As I mentioned, I shot a couple of deer this past weekend. 

The first one I shot, was a long (for Central TX) shot.  Right at 130 yards, right as it was about to cross a fenceline.  When approached, I was pretty disheartened- he was a medium sized body 6 point, but was all skin and bones.  He had a compound fracture on his rear leg, and it appeared to be infected.  It was good to cull him out, and put him out of his misery.

Shot details: 130 yard neckshot with a 168Gr Hornady A-MAX
But, about an hour later, another good buck came in and I took the shot.  It turns out that this might be the best buck we have taken off the property.  Which is good, since we have been grooming this herd for YEARS.  It looks like it is finally paying off:

Shot details: 91 yard neck shot, same gun and ammo

Shot details: 'Bout 10 yards with an iPhone.
Hard to tell from those pics, but the rack was VERY wide.  Probably 20" inside spread.  Very heavy body as well.  I'm a bigger guy, but it took me and my brother to lift him.

Now, because this was turning out to be a good weekend, we had to have a wrench thrown into the mess.  On our way out of the property, the wheel bearing on my brother's truck takes a dump on him.  So I end up taking the quartered deer in to be processed... in a Prius.  It was kind of funny.

unhook that goddamn, and replace it with this sh!tbox... and DONE!
Got that fixed, and did not miss any hunting.  It was a great weekend in the woods. 


  1. Bravo, nothing like back strap, gravy and biscuits for breakfast. Good job.

    1. Thanks! I'll be processing the backstraps today into steaks. Might grill one up for a 'test' while I'm at it

  2. What county are you hunting in?

  3. ar-10 in 308? or ar-15 in 300blackout/