Friday, August 30, 2013

Good Beer and Good 'classic style' metal

On a whim, I picked up a sixpack of a new Brew from the local favorite Real Ale Brewing out of Blanco, TX.  It is a tribute beer to a metal band named The Sword, and is appropriately named "The Sword Iron Swan Ale "

Ugly can, good beer
I did not do a full review, since I was drinking straight from the can in a parking lot after dark (took me back 20 years... just not with some of the shitty beer I swilled back then), but it was a good, flavorful ale.  Fruity hops, but not overpowering, 5.88% ABV, so it is 'sessionable'.  I'll post better pics and a review later tonight when I have time to pay more attention to the remainder of that sixer.

But it also introduced me to the band "The Sword".  Listening to some of their stuff on YouTube this morning, and it - once again- takes me back 20-25 years to some classic metal.  Good sound, cheesy and over the top videos, guitar driven with barely understandable lyrics.

get the horns up!  \m/


  1. I have heard nothing but good things about The Sword. I shall have to check them out.

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    2. The beer and the band both warrant further investigation

  2. I was able to pick up a 6 of this a couple weeks ago myself. I knew about it (hooray Twitter) so went looking and lucked out at Spec's.

    The beer isn't bad. I agree about the fruity... grapefuit aroma is strong. It's not a bad beer at all.

    And if it got you into The Sword, that's awesome. They are a pretty cool band. Sometimes the vocals feel a little monotonous to me (he doesn't have much range), but the music is awesome and I dig the song titles. I mean "Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians" What an awesome song title!

    - Hsoi