Friday, May 18, 2012

An Award for President Obama

45er posted about the latest stunt our Attention-Whore in Chief has pulled. 

GBBL made a great reply that the President deserved a Participation award for the last 3 years.

So, I decided to throw that together for him:

Here, have a juicebox.  Go sit in the corner while the adults are talking.


  1. OMIGOSH!!! I just went over to 45er's blog and then to the presidential website. I don't know why his boasting surprises me anymore. He spins such a fairytale about himself.

    During a campaign speech in Alabama, the man claimed his parents met at the Selma March while protesting for equality and he was conceived during the march. The only problem with that claim to history is the march happened in 1965 and B.O. was born in 1961!!!

  2. By the way, the certificate made me laugh out loud in the workplace.

  3. Yeah, I lol'd when I saw it on my phone. I got looks.

    1. I was laughing all the while I made it.

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful. Well done.